Training fins are special fins used by swimmers to improve technique, strength and endurance. They differ from propellers used for scuba diving or underwater diving in the following ways:

  • Size and Stiffness: Training fins are typically shorter and stiffer, providing greater water resistance. This water resistance forces swimmers to use more force, thereby bringing many benefits.

Here are some benefits of using workout fins:

  • Increase leg strength and kick: The increased water resistance of the training fins helps strengthen leg muscles, thereby creating a more powerful leg kick. Strong leg kicks are important for effective swimming.
  • Increase core muscle strength: When using exercise fins, you must activate more core muscles to stabilize your body. This helps improve overall core muscle strength, important for all swimming strokes.
  • Increase ankle flexibility: Exercise fins help improve ankle flexibility, thereby creating a more effective kick.
  • Improve body posture: Swim fins help you maintain better body posture in the water. This is because the increased water resistance forces you to focus on technique.

Training fins can be used by swimmers of all levels, from beginners to competitive athletes. However, it is important to use them correctly to avoid injury. Be sure to choose swim fins that suit your swimming goals and level to enjoy the benefits they bring!

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